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When Music Goes Google, All Your Music Goes With You.

Play Your Heart Out

Bring all your songs with you and introduce them to millions more. Kick back and enjoy custom radio without rules. Then go ahead and listen anywhere, on any device - music is totally under your control.

Try unlimited music, on us, for 30 days and then pay only $9.99/month. Try unlimited music, on us, for 30 days and then pay only $9.99/month.

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The Music You Love

From the hottest new releases to iconic albums, there’s a world of music at your fingertips. Listen to any genre, song, album or artist on All Access, whenever you want, ads-free. Add any song or album to your library, with a click or a touch.


Find New Favorites

All Access makes it easier than ever to find new favorites. Explore millions of songs by genre, charts, new releases, staff picks and expert-crafted playlists. Our Listen Now feature selects music you’ll want to play right away, offering smart recommendations that get smarter the more you play.


Radio Without Rules

Create a new station based on any artist, album, song or genre. Radio works just like a playlist -- you can explore the full list of songs in your station, skip ahead, see what’s next and re-order the songs any way you like. And when you can’t get enough of a station, save it as a playlist. Enjoy stations that blend the best of your music library and ours. Kick back with I’m Feeling Lucky radio and get a station you’ll love with the touch of a button.


Bring Your iTunes® Music

Add your iTunes® library to Google Play for free, bringing all of your songs and playlists with you. All Access seamlessly blends your library with our library, instantly personalizing your experience with radio and recommendations for what to play next. You’ll never go without your favorite tracks again.


Listen Anywhere

Your entire music library is instantly available from all your devices -- without having to download or sync. When you add a new album on your phone, it's ready for listening on your tablet. When you create a new playlist on your computer, it's there on your phone. And if you’re going to be offline, you can pin music on your device so that you can easily keep listening. When you want to rock out in your living room, you can use Google Play Music with Chromecast and Sonos to send music to the best speakers in your home.


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With All Access, it’s never been easier to enjoy the music you love across devices and the web. Enjoy ads-free listening to millions of songs, create personalized radio and skip as much as you want. Try unlimited music, on us, for 30 days and then pay only $9.99/month. Try unlimited music, on us, for 30 days and then pay only $9.99/month.

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