Updates and Other Resources

Check here for updates and changes to the Developer Program Policies as well as resources and additional requirements for special programs.


October 2016: Updated the example section in the Metadata policy for clarity.

July 2016: Various updates as outlined below:

  • Addition of a Google Play Families Program Policy tile to the Policy Center.
  • We’ve clarified our Privacy and Security policies to help developers better determine when privacy disclosure is required, and where such disclosure should be available to users.
  • We've updated our Restricted Content policies to further clarify our stance on sexually explicit services.
  • We’ve updated our gambling ad policies to share the requirements a developer must adhere to when displaying gambling ads in Play.
  • We’re introducing a User Generated Content policy that outlines minimum safety feature requirements.
  • We’ve added examples to both the Deceptive Behavior and Violence policies, to clarify disallowed behavior or content.

May 2016: Updated the Payments section with information about Android Pay.

March 2016: Updated requirements under Ads policy to prohibit inappropriate ads.

March 2016: Introduced requirements under Device and Network Abuse policy regarding Doze and App Standby.

March 2016: Introduced requirements under Ads policy regarding ads that interfere with system functionality.

March 2016: Clarified existing requirements under User Data policy.

March 2016: Launched new Developer Policy Center.

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Was this article helpful?

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