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* More info on International distribution

Musicians: Get your music on Google Play

The Google Play artist hub is the direct-to-fans route to selling and streaming your original music on Google Play. You choose how your music is distributed and what your earnings will be, while easily sharing your music on Android devices across the globe.

Why use the artist hub?

Google Play knows that no two artists are the same, and that musicians have different ideas for reaching fans. With the artist hub, independent musicians get the fastest route to distributing their original music on Google Play and still choose how their music is sold around the world. With the new Google Play Music All Access service, you can also be included in streaming and online radio in available countries.

Independent artists who own the rights to distribute their music can upload WAV or FLAC files, add album art, set prices and sharing preferences, and publish their albums to Google Play. Just create or claim your Google Play store page to get started. The store page includes your bio, photo, links and any original music you’ve made available on Google Play, whether that's live recordings, studio tracks or new demos.

(If you are signed to a record label or have an exclusive distribution deal, check with your record label or distributor to see which of your albums are being delivered to Google already. Visit the Help Center if you have questions about this).

Set your earnings, be promoted at no cost.

Some artists want to sell their music, while others want to release it freely into the world. With the Google Play artist hub, the choices are yours.

You can suggest the retail price for your tracks and set the amount you earn for sales of your music. You can also opt-in to the Google Play All Access streaming service. Change your suggestions and preferences at any time.

Any time your music is sold on Google Play, you’ll earn your revenue share (up to 70%) based on your suggested retail price. That means if Google Play includes your music in a pricing promotion, it won’t cost you anything! Learn More.

One-time fee, unlimited albums.

Google Music has a one-time 25 USD setup fee for each brand new store page. There are no fees for uploading tracks, creating albums, making changes to existing albums, editing your artist page, or anything else within the artist hub. Google Play keeps a 30% commission on any sales.

Ready to get started?

Set-up is quick and easy. All you need is a Google account. You’ll be ready to start selling and sharing your music in a matter of minutes. Please see our Google Play artist terms for additional details.