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Change the Game is an initiative from Google Play to support and empower women as game players and creators. By conducting ongoing research, inspiring youth engagement, partnering with forward-thinking organizations and spotlighting stories of success, we seek to improve representation in the mobile gaming world and create meaningful change in the industry.

About us

What We Do

Design initiatives

Our design initiatives are meant to inspire girls to embrace their creativity, share their ideas, and ultimately bring those ideas to life.

This year’s winners

Meet the Game Changers from the 2020 Design Challenge and read about their experience!

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Game Design Courses

Free online game courses from Girls Make Games.

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Why We Do This


As we work to inspire a world of gaming that is more inclusive and full of opportunity for everyone, we proudly spotlight change in progress.

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Yelled at for being a gamer (animated)


games with strong female characters

Celebrating founders

Hear from four successful founders about their story in the mobile industry.

if i made myself a video game character…

What We’ve Learned


In order to better understand the challenges that currently exist in gaming, we conduct ongoing research and look for best practices to help shape the future of the industry.


Driving inclusivity and belonging in gaming (2019)

An increasingly diverse global community is bringing gaming into their lives. By driving inclusive change from the ground-up, developers can have a genuine impact on the gaming culture.

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From players to makers: Teen girls’ relationship with game creation, 2018

Despite the perception that video games are a male-dominated space, teen girls are avid game-players who have been playing for years. Games were their first introduction to personal technology. Even before they had mobile devices of their own, they were already playing on their parents’ phones and tablets.

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