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Why Research Matters

If we want to drive meaningful change in the gaming industry today, we first need to understand the experiences and perceptions of female players. To do this, we conduct research and look for best practices that will help make game development more inclusive and supportive for everyone. In these efforts, we also work closely with game makers and industry leaders to contextualize the studies & findings that have been developed.


Driving inclusivity and belonging in gaming, 2019

An increasingly diverse global community is bringing gaming into their lives. By driving inclusive change from the ground-up, developers can have a genuine impact on the gaming culture.

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Gamers deserve a more inclusive industry

A host of cultural norms both inside and outside of the gaming world have contributed to the impression that videogames are predominantly played by men. This is no longer the case.

65 %

Over 65% of women in the US play mobile games, but only 28% of the gaming industry is female, transgender or another gender identity.

49 %

49% of mobile game players are women.

Teen girls love to play, but don’t see gaming as a career

Despite the perception that video games are a male-dominated space, teen girls are avid game players who have been playing for years. Games were their first introduction to personal technology. Even before they had mobile devices of their own, they were already playing on their parents’ phones and tablets.


of teen girls have played a new mobile game in the past week.


86% of teen girls play games on a computer, console or mobile device.