Google Play

Consumer conduct policy

Our policies play an important role in maintaining a positive experience for our users. Please follow these policies when using Google Play. Content is defined as videos, artwork, images, tracks, album covers, images, artist biographies, descriptions, links, comments, and any other data included on artist or video information pages.

The overarching theme is not to use the content in any way or purpose other than presented by the service.

  1. Do not scrape content presented through the service.
  2. Do not build separate page(s) or site(s) that collect links related to the service.
  3. Do not share links to content except through the Social Recommendations feature.
  4. Do not circumvent controls on any content.
  5. Do not capture or “rip” content that is not presented as downloadable by the service.
  6. Do not engage in bot-like activity.
  7. Do not abuse your account or services provided to game access controls or usage limits.