Google Play

Google Play Console Device Catalog Terms of Service

Last updated: October 4, 2017

By using the device catalog and device exclusion tools in the Play Console (“Device Catalog”), You consent to be bound by these terms, in addition to the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement (“DDA”). If there is a conflict between these terms and the DDA, these terms govern Your use of the Device Catalog. Capitalized terms used below, but not defined below, have the meaning ascribed to them under the DDA.

1. The Device Catalog allows You to review a catalog of the Devices supported by Your app and search the Devices by their hardware attributes. It also allows You to exclude specific Devices that are technically incompatible with Your app.

2. The Device Catalog should be used to address technical issues related to certain classes of Devices or specific Devices on which Your app performs below reasonable standards.

3. The Device Catalog shall not be used to prohibit apps from distribution on compatible Devices for exclusively strategic business purposes. Under these terms, use of the Device Catalog by Device manufacturers or Authorized Carriers to restrict use of their apps to their Devices is not considered an exclusively strategic business purpose.

4. While Google does not undertake an obligation to monitor Your use of the Device Catalog, if Google is notified or otherwise becomes aware and determines in its sole discretion that You are in violation of these terms, Google will notify You by email. Google reserves the right to remove any Device exclusions that are applied in violation of these terms within seven (7) business days of providing notice to You by email. Such decisions shall be made at Google’s sole discretion.

5. If Google notifies You that You are in violation of these terms, You are prohibited from using any other means, in an effort to avoid future enforcement action, to implement individual Device exclusions that could be achieved through the Device Catalog.

6. Repeated or egregious violations of these terms may result in the removal of access to the Device Catalog and/or any additional actions available under the DDA.

7. You represent that You have full power and authority to agree to these terms.