Avoiding a policy violation is always better than managing one, but when violations do occur, we’re committed to ensuring developers understand how they can bring their app into compliance. Please let us know if you see any violations or have any questions about managing a violation.

Policy Coverage

Our policies apply to any content your app displays or links to, including any ads it shows to users and any user-generated content it hosts or links to. Further, they apply to any content from your developer account which is publicly displayed in Google Play, including your developer name and the landing page of your listed developer website.

We don't allow apps that let users install other apps to their devices. Apps that provide access to other apps, games, or software without installation, including features and experiences provided by third parties, must ensure that all the content they provide access to adheres to all Google Play policies and may also be subject to additional policy reviews.

Defined terms used in these policies have the same meaning as in the Developer Distribution Agreement (DDA). In addition to complying with these policies and the DDA, the content of your app must be rated in accordance with our Content Rating Guidelines.

Apps that may be inappropriate for a broad audience or result in a low quality experience for our end users may not be eligible for promotion on Google Play. Such apps will, however, remain available on Google Play so long as they are in compliance with these policies and the DDA.

Google reserves the discretion to include or remove apps from Google Play. We may take action based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, a pattern of harmful behavior or high risk of abuse. We identify risk of abuse using various items such as previous violation history, user feedback, and use of popular brands, characters, and other assets.

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