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In addition to compliance with the content policies set out elsewhere in this Policy Center, apps that are designed for other Android experiences and distributed via Google Play may also be subject to program-specific policy requirements. Be sure to review the list below to determine if any of these policies apply to your app.

Android Instant Apps

Our goal with Android Instant Apps is to create delightful, frictionless user experiences while also adhering to the highest standards of privacy and security. Our policies are designed to support that goal.

Developers choosing to distribute Android Instant Apps through Google Play must adhere to the following policies, in addition to all other Google Play Developer Program Policies.




Technical Specifications


Offering App Installation


Changing Device State

Instant apps must not make changes to the user’s device that persist longer than the instant app session. For example, instant apps may not change the user’s wallpaper or create a homescreen widget.


App Visibility

Developers must ensure that instant apps are visible to the user, such that the user is aware at all times that the instant app is running on their device.


Device Identifiers

Instant apps are prohibited from accessing device identifiers that both (1) persist after the instant app stops running and (2) are not resettable by the user. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Build Serial
  • Mac Addresses of any networking chips

Instant apps may access phone number if obtained using the runtime permission. The developer must not attempt to fingerprint the user using these identifiers or any other means.


Network traffic

Network traffic from inside the instant app must be encrypted using a TLS protocol like HTTPS.

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