All your entertainment together

All the stuff you love is finally in one place. On Google Play you can choose from over a million apps and games, browse the world's largest eBookstore, discover millions of songs, watch the latest and greatest movies and TV shows, and even flip through your favorite magazines.

Before you decide, sample a song or book for free, view ratings, user reviews, screenshots, or watch a movie trailer. With Google Play, you'll never run out of choices.

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Play anytime, anywhere

Google Play comes with the power of the cloud, so your music, movies, books, magazines and TV shows are always available on the web and on your Android devices .

You can buy a movie on your phone and stream it on your computer, and then pause it and finish watching it on your tablet later on. Your entertainment is available across your devices so you can read, listen, watch and play on any device anytime, anywhere.

No internet access? No problem, you can make your content available offline too.

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No syncing, no wires

With Google Play, you will never have to use a cable or sync your stuff again: all the stuff you love is just there, instantly available across your devices and ready to be enjoyed when you are.

Your personal preferences, like your playlists and bookmarks, are also stored in the cloud, so when you make a new music playlist on your computer it instantly becomes available across your devices.

Google Play makes your entertainment instantly available anywhere, so you can forget about managing it and focus simply on enjoying it.

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No storage costs

With Google Play you can upload up to 20,000 of your songs on Google Play for free and instantly access your music on any Android device and on the web.

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