App Signing by Google Play Terms of Service

Effective as of May 8, 2018

By enrolling Your account in app signing by Google Play service (the, "Service"), You consent to be bound by these terms, in addition to the existing Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement ("DDA") and Google Play Developer Program Policies (collectively, the "Agreement"). If there is a conflict between these terms and the Agreement, these terms govern Your use of the Service. Capitalized terms used below, but not defined below, have the meanings ascribed to them under the Agreement.

1. Android App Bundle, Key Generation and Key Storage

1.1. Android App Bundle is a new app publishing artifact. Publishing an Android App Bundle requires enrollment in the Service, which enables the Android App Bundle functionality and provides a secure means of handling Your app signing key(s).

1.2. By selecting any of your existing apps for inclusion in the Service, You agree to give Your existing app signing key(s) to Google. For future apps that you select for inclusion in the Service, Google will generate and store a new app signing key for you.

1.3. You will have the ability to download and review Your APKs that are distributed through Play.

2. Additional License Grants

2.1. By enrolling Your app in the Service, in addition to the license granted in 5.1 of the DDA, for the life of the app, You grant Google a license to (1) use the Android App Bundle that you provide to generate APKs and (2) modify Your app APKs to optimize their performance, security and/or size.

2.2. For the avoidance of doubt, services provided herein will not change the purpose of Your app.

3. Permanent Enrollment

3.1. It will not be possible to retrieve Your app signing key once it is provided to or generated by Google. Google may retain indefinitely a backup copy of the key(s) for disaster recovery purposes.

3.2. You can unpublish Your app and publish a new app with a new package name, without opting into the Service, at any time.

4. Changes to the Agreement

4.1. Google may make changes to these terms at any time by sending You reasonable notice describing the modifications made. Google also will post a notification on the Google Play Console describing the modifications made. They will become effective, and will be deemed accepted by You, (a) immediately for those who opt-in to the Service after the notification is provided, or (b) for pre-existing users, on the date specified in the notice. If You do not agree with the modifications to these terms, You must withdraw from the Service, subject to Section 3, which will be Your sole and exclusive remedy. You agree that Your failure to withdraw constitutes Your agreement to the modified terms.