Google Play

Managed Google Play Addendum to the Developer Distribution Agreement

30 December 2016

By distributing your Products through Google Play that is managed by IT admins at Enterprise and Education customers (“managed Google Play”), You consent to be bound by these terms in addition to the existing Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement and Google Play Developer Program Policies (the “Agreement”). If there is a conflict between these terms and the Agreement, these terms govern distribution of your Products through managed Google Play. Capitalized terms used below but not defined below have the meaning ascribed to them under the Agreement.

1. Content requirements

In addition to the Content Policies contained in the Google Play Developer Program Policies, Developers must ensure that the content of each Product, and any ads they contain, meet the following requirements:

using the means specified in the developer console.

2. Google Business / Education Recommended

Google reserves the right to review Products made available within managed Google Play and assign them with a badge “Google Business Recommended”, “Google Education Recommended” or other similar label. This decision will be made by Google at its sole discretion.

3. Transparency

Your Product’s title and description must contain accurate information about the Product’s content and functioning, and must not be misleading or deceptive. Product descriptions should be designed to assist an IT admin to assess the Product’s suitability for business or education use.

4. Free trial period

You agree that any Product participating in this program may be made available for download and use to administrators within businesses or educational institutions for no charge for a trial period of up to 30 days.

5. Volume purchases

Each business participating in this program may make purchase access rights to a Product on behalf of a number of end users associated with the business or educational institution by paying the applicable charges for the access rights granted to each end user. To the extent Google makes such functionality available in the developer console, Product charges may be subject to discounts for volume purchases as set forth and agreed by you in the developer console from time to time.

6. Reassignment of Products

Once a business or educational institution has made a Product available to a user through managed Google Play, the business or educational institution may withdraw access from that user and assign it to another member of the business or educational institution any number of times without additional charge. After a business or educational institution reassigns a Product to a new user, the user previously granted access to the Product will no longer have access to the Product through the user’s account. If you do not wish your Product to be reassignable in this way, you should not make it available through managed Google Play.

7. Authority to Refund

Notwithstanding what is set forth in the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement, including Section 3.7 of the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement, you authorize Google to give the managed Google Play buyer a full refund of the price of a Product or in-app transaction on your behalf if such buyer requests the refund at any time within 30 days after purchase (whether or not your Product is still part of managed Google Play at the time of any refund request). In all other respects, the Payment Processor’s standard terms and conditions regarding refunds will apply. User refunds may be exclusive of taxes previously charged to users for Product purchases. Except in cases when multiple disputes are initiated by a user, billing disputes for Products sold for less than $10, and any handling fees charged by the Payment Processor, may be automatically charged back to the Developer except in cases when Google determines at its sole discretion that the user initiating the dispute has an abnormal dispute history. Chargeback requests for Products $10 or more will be handled in accordance with the Payment Processor's standard policy.

8. Withdrawal of Products

You may withdraw your Product from managed Google Play at any time and future purchases of your Product will not be reassignable pursuant to Section 6 of these terms. However, any copies of your Product purchased while your Product was part of managed Google Play will (a) continue to be reassignable pursuant to Section 6 of these terms, (b) continue to be refundable pursuant to Section 7 of these terms; and (c) are eligible for support and upgrades pursuant to the terms of the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement.