November 20, 2015

These terms of service apply to those who purchase and receive gifts of Google Play content or credit in which codes may be redeemed solely for content or credit delivered through or usable only on Google Play. Such gifts cannot be resold, cannot be exchanged for cash, and have no cash value. To be use the gift, you must be 18+ years old if required by law (or 13-17 years old with parent’s permission), have internet access, have or activate a Google account, have a Google Payments account (to use Play credit) and have previously accepted the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Google Play gifts are not redeemable for cash and Google will not issue any refunds or exchanges to gift recipients (except as required by law). Google Play gifts are not eligible for resale and are void where prohibited. Lost or stolen gifts cannot be redeemed.

Google Play gifts are valid only for users who are residents of the countries listed on the Help Center. For such offers, the user purchasing the gift must designate a single recipient using an individual email address (not a group email alias). Such gifts can only be purchased and redeemed by users in the same country. In order to redeem the gift, the recipient of the gift must have a valid Google account and valid gift code. If the user who purchased the gift cancels their purchase prior to the recipient redeeming the gift, the recipient will no longer be able to redeem the gifted content. A copy of the gift email is sent to the purchaser. If the gift recipient wants to reject the gift, the recipient should inform the user who purchased the gift and the purchaser will be able to send the same gift to another user. Anyone with access to the gift email can use it. Google is not responsible for gifts that are redeemed without the purchaser’s or recipient’s permission.

These terms incorporate and are subject to the Google Play Terms of Service.

Gifts of Play Content

Eligible content and pricing is subject to availability at the time of the actual redemption of the content gift. Content purchased or gifted through Google Play is for personal and lawful use only. The content gift expires if the content is no longer available on Google Play or if the Google Play service or the Google Play Gifts program is discontinued.

Users will only be able to redeem subscription gifts until their account accrues up to a total of five (5) years of subscriptions at any one time. If the recipient of the gift redeems the gift and subscribes to Google Play Music the recipient will have access Google Play Music for the time period specified in the gift. At the end of the specified time period, the recipient will have the opportunity to provide a valid form of payment to continue their subscription to Google Play Music, otherwise the subscription ends and the recipient’s access to the Google Play Music subscription content will terminate. Current subscribers of YouTube Music Key will not be able to redeem gifts of Google Play Music subscriptions.

Gifts of Play Credit

The use of Google Play credit is governed by the Google Play Gift Card and Prepaid Play Balance Terms of Service. The user purchasing the gift of Play credit can request a refund only if those credits have not been redeemed and only if the request is made within three months of the purchase.