Google Play

Nexus 6 Google Play(™) Music Unlimited Offer


1. Promotion only open to users who are residents in the United States who have purchased a Nexus 6 in their country of residence on or before March 31, 2015 from Google Play.

2. This offer is not available to anyone who has subscribed to Google Play Music's unlimited service on a paid or trial basis in the past 12 months.

3. A Google Play Music unlimited subscription entitles subscribers to listen to unlimited music from the song titles available within Google Play on a monthly basis.

4. Purchasers of a Nexus 6 can redeem their offer by signing up for their trial through the Google Play Music app on their Nexus 6 device. Users set up a Google account to redeem this offer and setup their trial account by April 20, 2015 to be eligible for the offer.

5. If you redeem this offer, then during the 180 day trial period, you will receive free access to unlimited music on Google Play.

6. If you cancel the subscription during the free trial period you will not be billed, but you will not retain access to music subscription content that you access during a free trial period (e.g. your audio history or any playlists you have created) once the trial ends. If you do not cancel during the free trial period you will be billed $ 9.99 a month after the end of the trial period, and each month thereafter until you cancel your subscription.

7. A Google Play Music unlimited subscription is subject to the Google Play Terms of Service.

8. Set up and use of the Nexus 6 and Google Play Music unlimited subscription requires a WiFi network and a power supply.

9. Google reserves the right to change, cancel or amend this offer at any time.

10. This offer is subject to availability of Nexus 6 in the United States.