Avoiding a policy violation is always better than managing one, but when violations do occur, we’re committed to ensuring developers understand how they can bring their app into compliance. Please let us know if you see any violations or have any questions about managing a violation.

Enforcement Process

If your app violates any of our policies, it will be removed from Google Play, and you will receive an email notification with the specific reason for removal. Repeated or serious violations (such as malware, fraud, and apps that may cause user or device harm) of these policies or the Developer Distribution Agreement (DDA) will result in termination of individual or related accounts.

Please note that removal or administrative notices may not indicate each and every policy violation present in your app or broader app catalog. Developers are responsible for addressing any flagged policy issue and conducting extra due diligence to ensure that the remainder of their app is fully policy compliant. Failure to address violations may result in additional enforcement actions, including permanent removal of your app or account termination.

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