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Use these badges in your marketing to promote your content on Google Play.

If you are driving to music or podcast streaming in Google Play Music, use the Google Play Music badge available here instead.

Badge guidelines

Dos & Don'ts

Follow these guidelines whenever you are using a Google Play badge.

  • Never use out-of-date badges

    Incorrect badge Old
    Correct badge New
  • Never change badge color

    Correct badge No
    Color badge
    Correct badge No
    Color badge
  • Never remove or rearrange badge elements

    Correct badge No
    Rearranged badge
  • Make sure badge is legible

    Incorrect badge No
    Legible badge
    Correct badge Yes
    Legible badge
  • Use the badges as provided. Never alter the badges.
  • There must be clear space surrounding the badge equal to one-quarter the height of the badge.
  • The badge must be large enough that all of the text is legible.
  • The Google Play badge should be the same size or larger than other application store badges.
  • Badges must be shown on a solid colored background or a simple background image that does not obscure the badge.
  • Match the badge language to the language of your marketing campaign whenever possible.
  • Any online use of the badge must link to the Google Play store. Use the generator below to get the HTML to include in your digital marketing.
  • The badge can only be used to promote content available on Google Play.
  • Include the appropriate Google Play legal attribution when there is space in the creative. See the badge generator for localized legal attributions.
  • Use of the Google Play badge must be reviewed and approved by the Google Play Partner Brand team if the badge will be in:
    • a TV commercial
    • an out-of-home marketing campaign
    • a marketing campaign that will receive over 1 million impressions
    Use this form to submit your marketing for approval.
badge generator

Get your badge

Choose your language, deliverable type, and file type to generate your Google Play badge.

For digital badges, enter the Google Play store URL for your content to generate a badge in HTML to add to your digital marketing.

Generate a badge

Enter the full Google Play URL for the content you are marketing.
Get it on Google Play

The selected badge is not available. Please choose another badge.

Include this HTML badge in your marketing:

Text Guidelines

Using Google Play in text

Any use of Google Play or Android in text in your marketing must be reviewed and approved by the Google Play Partner Brand team.
Use this form to submit your marketing for approval.

  • Any use of the Google Play name in your marketing or communications must be accompanied by a legal attribution footer stating: “Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.”
  • The TM symbol should never be in the legal attribution footer.
  • When mentioning content available on Google Play always says "on Google Play".
    • Incorrect: Our app is now available from Google Play.
    • Correct: Our app is now available on Google Play.
  • For Android guidelines go here.