Bonus: LIVE Audience Questions and Answers with Elaine McMillion Sheldon - Recovery Unscripted

Guest: Elaine McMillion Sheldon, filmmaker Welcome to a bonus episode of Recovery Unscripted. This time, we’ll hear from Oscar-nominated filmmaker Elaine McMillion Sheldon as she responds to questions from members of the live audience who attended our conversation at the Innovations in Recovery conference in San Diego. If you haven’t already, first go back and listen to the previous episode, which features the full conversation between me and Elaine. Or better yet, go watch her documentaries Heroin(e) and Recovery Boys on Netflix. That will give you some context for what you’re about to hear. For more about Recovery Unscripted, visit For more about Elaine's films, visit Music from this episode: "Ronny" by Alex Fitch - URL:  
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