The scaring season is finally here as directors John Skipp and Andrew Kasch join the Damn Dirty Geeks to share our ghost stories and fond trick or treat memories about Halloween, all of which inspired their segment in the new anthology film TALES OF HALLOWEEN. John and Andrew share their differing experiences growing up enjoying the Halloween season in their youth as we explore the evolution of this holiday from innocent neighborhood fun to a massive industry, allowing even casual home haunters to purchase elaborate animatronic monsters and digitally presented haunt environments. We also visit the current trend of theme parks like Universal Studios and Knotts creating annual Halloween haunt events that translate into trick-or-treating for adults. Andrew and John collaborated as co-directors on "This Means War," their hilarious and horrifying segment of the new holiday anthology film TALES OF HALLOWEEN, now available on all major VOD outlets. Their story pits a classic Halloween yard decorator (previous DDG podcast guest, actor/comedian Dana Gould) reacting to a a competing yard display filled with contemporary gore and blasting soundtrack built buy a new hard rocking neighbor (James Duval) across the street. This suburban game of oneupmanship turns dark and dangerous as these two Halloween enthusiasts turn their rivalry into deadly battle. Enjoy our special Halloween episode with Andrew and John, then be sure to check out TALES OF HALLOWEEN now available on all major VOD services, including links in this episode's Show Notes. And Happy Halloween to all of you from the Damn Dirty Geeks!
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