Ep. 159: Marcus Smith on the Roval debut at Charlotte Motor Speedway - NASCAR on NBC podcast

The president and CEO of Speedway Motorsports Inc. on Charlotte Motor Speedway's new road course being the talk of the playoffs (1:00), whether the goal was to freak out drivers about how treacherous the track might be? (2:45); why drivers seemingly have bought into the Roval as a good thing even if it makes them uncomfortable (5:00); whether it proves what might be perceived as bad for drivers is good for fans (6:00); on the resistance he faced to the Roval (8:15); Mario Andretti’s involvement with the road course and how Marcus secured the Porsche 918 to put him on track (10:00); Mario’s three pieces of Roval feedback (12:00); how Marcus came up with the Roval idea for the Cup Series (14:00); on if there were any moments of doubt it wouldn't work (16:45); the appeal of road courses as the new short tracks (19:45); could this be a blueprint for street races? (21:30); will the drafting/All-Star Race package be coming to the 2019 Coca-Cola 600? (25:00); should NASCAR pull back on the drafting package because the racing has been better lately? (26:45); how Charlotte’s new synthetic turf should help with crashes and is it headed to other tracks? (29:30).
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