Ologies host, Alie Ward - Podcast Brunch Club

Adela chats with Alie Ward, the host of the Ologies podcast. We featured the “Phonology with Nicole Holliday” episode of Ologies on our podcast listening list on Language.   Some of the things they talked about: * LANGUAGE podcast listening list * Ologies episode “Phonology with Nicole Holliday” * Ologies episode “Entomology with Lila Higgins” * Natural History Museum of Los Angeles * Ologies episode “Corvid Thanatology (CROW FUNERALS) with Kaeli Swift” * Ologies Patreon * Alie’s advice for science communication: pretend you are at a dinner party, show up like you belong, and have fun! * Some of Alie’s recording tips: use temi.com to get transcriptions and snap/clap at beginning of new takes. * Alie’s awkward, yet awesome, interview with Dr. Caleb Finch, a Biogerontologist (study of aging) * Alie’s super-serious episode interviewing the guy who studies laughter: “Gelotology with Lee Berk” * Alie’s advice: don’t ever google “mango worms” or “botfly larvae” * Alie’s podcast pick: All My Relations (episode: “Can a DNA test make me Native American”). It’s is a podcast to discuss relationships as Native peoples--relationships to land, to ancestors, and to each other. Find out more about Ologies on the website , Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Find out more about Alie on her website, Twitter, and Instagram.   * Critical Frequency – “a podcast network for everyone else”* Podchaser – “the IMDb of podcasts”* Audioboom – check out Dead Man Talking podcast *
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