2017 Inauguration Day Special: PREZ - Supercontext: an autopsy of media

It's Inauguration Day for Donald Trump... so is a comic book about the first teenage president essential reading for American citizens now? We look at both the 1973 and 2015 versions of PREZ from DC Comics while discussing the cyclical nature of politics and satire. iTunes direct link Google Play direct link Additional Resources: * Why DC’s Prez Is the Best Comic You Aren’t Reading * How a Comic About a Teen Girl President Became the Most Scathing Satire of 2016 * TCJ ARCHIVE The Joe Simon Interview * Cartoonist Mark Russell on his reboot of Prez, comics’ first teen president * Why DC Comics' 'Prez' is essential reading for the 2016 election * DC Comics skewers right-wing politics in this new comic where a teen is made president * The Teens Who Would Be President: Explaining DC's 'Prez' Comic Books * Lost in Transition: 2015’s ‘Prez’ And A Robot Named Tina  * Polygon Explains Everything: Prez, a comic about the first US president elected by Twitter
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