Ep 134. Kimberly Ramalho: Building a Culture of Empathy - Work and Life with Stew Friedman

Kimberly Ramalho is Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs, Rotary and Mission Systems, at Lockheed Martin. She is a strategic communications executive with 25 years of experience developing programs that deliver high return on investment, motivate employees, and increase business awareness and demand. Kimberly is actively involved in diversity and inclusion initiatives at Lockheed Martin, and she serves as executive chair of the corporation’s Women’s Impact Network.  She was honored with the 2019 Alice Paul Equality Award for Empowerment.   In this episode, Stew and Kimberly discuss the importance of valuing and respecting everyone in the organization, how to make such empathy real, and the benefits that a diverse workforce brings directly to the company and to customers.  Kimberly describes the ways that Lockheed Martin is taking a systematic, proactive approach to helping all employees understand the perspective of others through training and highly engaged support from CEO Marilyn Hewson.  
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