De La Fit Podcast season 2 ep 18 interview with "The Young Lion" Nixlot Dameus - De La Fit Podcast

De La Fit Podcast sits down with bodybuilding/ Powerlifting champion and anti-bullying activist Nixlot Dameus. He'll walk us through his youth from leaving his native country of Haiti at age 9 to growing up in Philadelphia's rough Olney section. His battles with bullying, PTSD and depression to becoming a champion. To contact: Mr. Nixlot Dameus email him @ or search for him on Instagram This week "Dropping the Jewels" segment features Massage Therapist Tiana Savoy. She'll be explaining the health benefits of massage, some you knew, and some you'll wish you had known and why you should be booking your next massage session, Now! To contact: Ms. Tiana Savoy email her at or look her up on --- Send in a voice message:
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