GMOs, Organic Food and Science Myths with Lauren Uhde, the Biology Babe - Talkin Immunology with BioLegend

Description: In our latest podcast, we welcome guest Lauren Uhde, better known as the Biology Babe. She passionately discusses her CD8+ T cell studies in cancer radiotherapies, GMOs, organic foods, and other science myths she can’t wait to educate the public on. The Biology Babe Facebook Twitter Instagram Snapchat YouTube Topics Non-browning Artic Apples® Academies of Science finds GMOs not harmful to human health Herbal 'remedy' may trigger widespread kidney failure Gerson therapy of fruits and coffee enemas Belle Gibson: Australian blogger who faked cancer faces legal action Diluted bleach mixture touted as 'miracle cure' despite Health Canada warnings, the fifth estate finds Why organic doesn't mean pesticide-free All scientific papers to be free by 2020 under EU proposals Keywords: CD8 T cells, cancer, tumor, immunology, podcast, biolegend, biology babe, Lauren Uhde, GMOs, non-GMOs, organic, myths, artic apples, belle Gibson, Gerson therapy, radiotherapy
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