S2 Ep. 1: Finding Food Freedom with Corinne Dobbas - The Body Image Podcast

In this special episode to kick off HeartSpace Podcast Season 2, I'm sharing an episode I did with Ana Kinkela, Women's Leadership Coach, for her podcast, The Wild Soulcast. Inside the show, we talk intuitive eating, body image, ditching diet culture, actionable steps you can start taking now and common obstacles that you might encounter as you start to explore intuitive eating, and much more.  Find Ana here & her podcast, The Wild Soulcast here. HeartSpace Insiders FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HeartSpacePodcast/ GET WEEKLY-ISH COACHING NOTES ALL ABOUT BODY IMAGE HEALING, FOOD FREEDOM & SELF-WORTH: https://corinnedobbas.lpages.co/newsletter/ WORK WITH ME: https://corinnedobbas.com/work-with-me/ APPLY TO HEARTSPACE ACADEMY: https://corinnedobbas.lpages.co/heartspace-academy/
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