Rhea Seehorn - Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson

The Better Call Saul star kicks back with Kara and talks: * Better Call Saul * Breaking Bad * Kim Wexler's ponytail * Al Pacino's hair * The Godfather Part 3 * Getting recognized (or not) * Getting married (or not) * Planning her wedding (or not) * Shopping for a wedding venue * Auditioning * Being directed * Coming off the high from filming Better Call Saul * Whitney * Life of a freelancer * Imposter syndrome This is one of those episodes that feels like you're hanging out with two old friends catching up on this, that and the other thing. Enjoy! # EXTRAS! Photos - Rhea and Kara in her hotel room Video - See Rhea Seehorn do a rapid-fire mini interview Inside Scoop - Get sneak peeks at reallyfamouspodcast.com #   Listen to interviews mentioned on this episode: Michael McKean aka Chuck McGill - reallyfamouspodcast.com/michael-mckean Zoe Lister-Jones from Whitney and Life in Pieces - reallyfamouspodcast.com/zoe-listerjones Annette O'Toole talks about watching Better Call Saul with her husband, Michael McKean - reallyfamouspodcast.com/annette-otoole # Chat up REALLY FAMOUS on social media. Hashtag #reallyfamous Twitter - @kara1to1 Instagram - @reallyfamouspodcast Facebook - @karamayerrobinson Email - click here   Watch Better Call Saul on AMC. New season starts August 6. Catch up on seasons 1-3 now on Netflix.   ## Celebrity interview by Kara Mayer Robinson Music - Take a Chance - Kevin MacLeod - Incompetech - Creative Commons  
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