#34: Your Personal VIP Day to Live Out Your Full Potential - The Next 24 Hours

Let me guess: You want your life to be better in a year than it is now. You want to be growing in your career. You want to achieve the goals that you’ve had on your list forever. You want your relationships to be healthier. And you want to really feel like you’re living the dream. You’re in luck, because on this episode of The Next 24 Hours, I’ll be giving you the 5 questions you need to ask yourself to live out your full potential in new and exciting ways. Welcome to your personal VIP Day.    To learn more about spending an in-person VIP Day with Curtis: http://bit.ly/vipcurtis    Visit Curtis’ website, and sign up to get a free Living the Dream wristband: https://curtiszimmerman.com/ Or, sign up to get Curtis’ Write a New Script e-workbook for FREE: https://curtiszimmerman.com/newscript/
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