Robot Takeover: How Automation Makes Law Practice Easier - The Legal Toolkit

Lawyers may have already automated tasks in their firms without even realizing it. Try becoming self-aware and see how AI might just make your practice run smoother than ever. In this episode of Legal Toolkit, host Jared Correia talks to Milena Higgins about the ways automation and AI can help lawyers turn over cases with ease and efficiency. There is a lot of pressure from clients for lawyers to do things better, cheaper, & faster — and automating tasks in your practice can actually help you get there. They discuss how automation can take care of the mundane work and leave lawyers free to focus on higher level tasks. Milena Higgins is the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Artificial Intelligence for Black Hills IP. Special thanks to our sponsors Scorpion, Answer1, Thomson Reuters Firm Central and TimeSolv.
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