The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Can we sue our way out of the opioid crisis? / S2 E12 - In Sickness and in Health

Is anyone to blame for the opioid overdose epidemic? Should we be going after white-collar criminals like pharmaceutical company executives, distributors and doctors? What can we learn from the lawsuits against Big Tobacco? And will suing Big Pharma help get us out of this crisis? Guests: David Courtwright, Professor of History at the University of North Florida; Joe Rice, a lead negotiator in the Big Tobacco, BP Oil Spill, 9/11 victims and asbestos manufacturer settlements; James Tierney, former Attorney General of Maine and a key strategist in the fight against Big Tobacco; John Banzhaf, Professor of Law at the George Washington University; Robert Rabin, Professor of Law at Stanford University; and Rosalie Pacula, Senior Economist and Co-Director of RAND’s Drug Policy Research Center.
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