TME EPISODE 3: Kare Anderson, How to Make Your Conference More Meaningful by Storyboarding The Sequence of Scenes They Experience - The Modern Event Podcast Show

Today's guest is Kare Anderson, Speaker, Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter, turned columnist for Forbes and Huffington Post. Ms. Anderson’s TED talk “The Web of Humanity: Becoming an Opportunity Maker” has attracted over 1.3 million views. Her strong work ethics, compassion, knowledge, and caring personality has evolved her career to what it is today.  Her clients include Salesforce, Novartis, S.F. Giants and The Skoll Foundation to name just a few. As David Rockefeller Jr. said after hearing her speak, “Kare forever changes how you see yourself and your world.”  Kare talks how to make your conference more Meaningful by storyboarding the  sequence of scenes they experience.What make a events and meetings truly standout from others. Storyboard the meeting experience to creating memorable moments. TME Show Hosts: Publisher, Founding Editor,  AJ Jardien and Co Founder, Chief-In-Editor, LJ Porter
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