Emoji Pasta, Star Wars and The Ultimate Dinner Party with Linda Miller Nicholson - We Could Make That

Linda Miller Nicholson, or Salty Seattle as her fans know her, has been called the "Lady Gaga of Food" by The Cooking Channel. She was also a competitor on the hit show, MasterChef, and in 2018, she's releasing a cookbook, published by HarperCollins all about her latest obsession: pasta.    Linda's got a thing with pasta. Specifically, she’s spent the last few years figuring out how to infuse the bold colors of the rainbow into dough to create edible artwork, like emoji ravioli — yes, its as cool as it sounds.    After spending time in Torino, Italy, the birth place of the Slow Food movement, Linda now lives in the forest outside of Seattle with her husband, son, two dogs, 30+ chickens, five ducks and an insane pizza oven that she had flown in from Maine.    I met Linda when I was living out in Seattle in 2010, and she quickly became on of my closest friends. Her over-the-top personality, inspiring and expansive shoe collection and hilariously cheeky writing had me from the start. Stepping into her a kitchen is a lesson in everything imaginable - from how to sous vide to how to slow cook scrambled eggs to how to spherify pea puree so that it bursts in your mouth at precisely the moment you bite down.    In this episode, we talk food trends, Linda's favorite makers of the moment and how to dupe your kids into eating their veggies.   Full show notes: wecouldmakethat.com/linda
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