Episode 1: The Power of Coaching - Change Cadet Podcast

Michelle Dew is a rejuvenating life coach with the purpose to listen, to see, and to affirm. Growing up in the rural south, Michelle has always seen the power in listening actively, along with utilizing her empathy to see others. Since graduating from Dartmouth College, she is currently a skilled Life Coach at Beyond 12 for first generation, under-resourced college students and peers with the Co-Active Coaching framework. Further, as a queer, disabled woman of color, Michelle is constantly working to empower her communities and fight for equitable access in spaces not ready for them. The inaugural episode of the Change Cadet Podcast, both Dr. Cadet and Michelle discuss the power of coaching, self care, and living with invisible illness and chronic pain. IG: @lavenderncilantro | lavenderncilantro@gmail.com
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