Episode 66: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 3 (2018/03/22) - This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper

Tracy Nguyen is back on the show for the third time - sober and steady. David kicks things off by addressing her bladder - don't think Tracy saw it coming but she dodges it well. Tracy feels she needs to be socializing more - well if you ask me, spending a Thursday evening on a show about nothing is a pretty decent start! Celeste calls in and Tracy shares some insight on Asian ways - which I thought was kinda true. David reveals his nurturing side and tries to help Celeste learn the ropes of becoming a comic. I then hear Kimchi being mentioned in a rather poopy circumstance, which wasn't exactly music to my ears cos I had one earlier and will be hitting the sack after this. Our new Womanizer fan then calls in and I don't know if it's her or some weird Womanizer side effect they didn't put on the box - she sounded slightly off it this week. The show then truly comes alive with a call from the middle of the Mediterranean - it's Jamie Bond masquerading as Johnny English - a.k.a Tony from London! Tracy tells David that he should consider having Tony on the show - that'll be some riot! Before the curtains go down, Tracy reveals that she has some shows coming up in April. That's me, Sam from a hostel not too far from the Vietnamese border (with Cambodia) rating this show with 3.5 stars - that went quite smooth and easy, I think.
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