Episode 97: Dan Linley, pt. 7 (2018/11/29) - This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper

Episode 97 of "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper", and David Cooper is back in form. Easily one of recent better episodes. Today's guest on Thanksgiving is Dan Linley. We get the first joke with "Oral Herpes". The first caller is Sarah from a band. They go one to have a long conversation. The next caller is Donald, a doctor. And also Miranda calls up. The next caller is Vic, whose girlfriend left him car. The next couple is quite boring. The show drags on till Tony arrives and all hell breaks loose. We get all the cusses and profanities (boobs, Tits, Vaginas) which were missing in the past few episodes. Tony met David in Ireland on his recent trip. The discussion between Dan and Tony is hilarious. I enjoyed this episode, a nice way to end the week. This is Karti from India rating it a three out of five.
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