16 - It's Cold Out There: James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room - Books of Some Substance

  It is as cold in the new world as it is in the old.  And on this episode Nathan tries to work with Nick and David as they come to terms with just how cold James Baldwin's novel Giovanni's Room has left them.  Can a character you neither love nor hate be compelling? Can an ending that resembles a bad music video from the 90's ruin a book? Can Nathan properly imitate the old-timey voice of a shocked news-bulletin? Can too high of expectations sour a reading? Is there any escaping our slow degradation till death? Find yourself a copy of the book, read it, and join us!  FIND US ON:  INSTAGRAM    FACEBOOK    TWITTER   To receive bad-ass artwork and hand-typed invitation letters (or if you want to see what else we have read (or check out Nick's novella)), go to our website: http://www.booksofsomesubstance.com/  
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