TCC Podcast: Creating tension and genius with Seth Godin - The Copywriter Club Podcast

Seth Godin is the guest on this special un-numbered episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast. Of course, Seth needs no introduction. He has inspired millions of entrepreneurs, marketers and freelancers to think bigger about the change they want to make in the world and to create products and services that aren’t mediocre, but rather aim to change the world—even if they fail. Rob and Kira asked Seth about: •  the two kinds of freelancers (and which one you want to be) •  the enemy inside that most freelancers have to work against •  the kind of work you need to do for yourself when you’re not working for clients •  the real meaning of art and why we need to do more of it •  the most important skills to develop as a freelancer •  the role of fear in our lives and how it impacts the work we do •  the importance of “smallest viable audience” •  being uncomfortable and creating tension •  why it’s always your turn •  the right time to ship (and why you’re already waiting too long) •  the difference between professionals and hacks •  genius and the imposter complex •  recognizing genius and getting it into the world •  what Seth has done “a lousy job” with •  what copywriters and others do that drive Seth crazy •  how to be a better student of the things we need to know •  why there isn’t just “one thing” that you need to do to make your business go This one is full of great advice and ideas for thinking about how you make a change in the world. We really loved Seth’s answer about learning and trying to get more important stuff on your plate. Want to hear it? Click the play button below, or download the episode to your favorite podcast app. You can also scroll down for a full transcript.   The people and stuff we mentioned on the show: Jay Abraham Margo Aaron Permission Marketing St. Luke’s Akimbo Podcast This is Marketing (Seth’s new book) Kind of Blue AltMBA The Marketing Seminar Clayton Christensen Lester Wunderman Kira’s website Rob’s website The Copywriter Club Facebook Group Intro: 
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