The Damn Dirty Geeks revisit one of our favorite topics and TV shows, THE WALKING DEAD in our first wildcard episode linking up several hot topics. This time, both Franks, Scott and Jack address the recent Season 6 cliffhanger episode that put Glenn's life in the hands of zombie-horde fate, and how this trend of keeping audiences in suspense over mid-season breaks has changed modern television. Our TWD discussion evolves into a rousing debate about this era of binge watching TV series like GAME OF THRONES, SHERLOCK and HOUSE OF CARDS. We examine how this television trend crashes headlong into the internet era, which can reveal TV story spoilers nearly-live as they appear on the screen -- if the fan rumor mill doesn't spoil them before episodes air. The fun continues as we compare and contrast THE WALKING DEAD to the George Romero DEAD universe of films and their collective impact on zombie mythology in pop culture. We also enter a Hasslein Loop linking TWD to PLANET OF THE APES, JAWS, THE OMEGA MAN, SOYLENT GREEN and WESTWORLD. We wrap up this wildcard episode with the hilarious prospect of Damn Dirty Geeks action figures that would include kung-fu grip, eyepatch and blaster gun accessories. Also, this episode will be the first released using our new DDG studio microphones, which improve the sound quality of our podcast greatly, as we hope you'll agree. Let us know if you can hear and enjoy the difference. Coming soon will be another wildcard episode in which we return to the 1970s to discuss sci-fi films prior to STAR WARS like WESTWORLD and much more.
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