Is death a tragedy for atheists, is resurrection wishful thinking for Christians? Glen Scrivener & Michael Collett - Unbelievable?

In this Easter weekend edition of the show Justin hosts a dialogue between evangelist Glen Scrivener (who is speaking at Unbelievable? 2018) and atheist journalist Michael Collett. Glen’s recent book ‘Divine Comedy, Human Tragedy: What is life?’ is an evangelistic book on why Christianity makes sense of the tragedy of death. Michael Collett, an ex-Christian and a fellow Aussie, discusses why as an atheist he believes life can have meaning even if death is the end, and why he can’t believe in the joy of heavenly resurrection if there is also a hell.   For Glen’s book For Michael Collett:  For Unbelievable? the Conference 2018: Get signed copies of Unbelievable? the book and audiobook:  Get Unbelievable? the Conference 2017 DVD/CD & Digital Download:   For more faith debates visit Join the conversation: Facebook and Twitter  Get the MP3 Podcast of Unbelievable? Via RSS or Via Itunes
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