Special PLANET OF THE APES DAY Episode - Damn Dirty Geeks

In our special podcast celebrating the first PLANET OF THE APES DAY, comedian and lifelong APES movie fan Dana Gould joins Frank, Jack, Trish and Scott to discuss the entertainment legacy and personal connections to the entire APES franchise, including the new generation of films RISE and DAWN. In short, the Damn Dirty Geeks GO APE at last! Our podcast primates evaluate the evolution of the classic APES films, including the importance of Charlton Heston and Roddy McDowall in the series, and how the newer films' blend of actors and CG have changed the future of the franchise. Collectively, we also link specific and fond memories of our first time seeing the APES films, and note how Taylor's mysterious leap into the far future influenced our lives as fans, professionals and Damn Dirty Geeks, of course. These are the films that inspired the very name of our podcast, so be sure to subscribe to us in iTunes and leave your reviews of this special episode along with our entire collection of episodes.
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