true tickets - Matt Zarracina, Co-Founder and CEO - The Early Stage Podcast

The sun is finally out in Boston, the weather is getting warmer, and the scent of burgers can be detected around the neighborhood. Summer is officially here! Today's conversation with true tickets Co-Founder and CEO Matt Zarracina gives us insight into running with a strong early application of a burgeoning technology, in this case blockchain. The idea for leading the ticketing world onto the blockchain came when white-boarding blockchain applications with a subject-matter expert and later getting a call from his friend on exactly the same concept. Once the product vision and a friends-and-family round came together, Matt and his Co-Founders Steven Dobesh and David Piskovich jumped in full-time to make trackable and verifiable event ticketing a reality. Let's catch up with Matt to check in on true tickets's progress to-date. ----- And, while things may be slowing down a bit in the office, the startups of Early Stage have been achieving incredible milestones. - Digital health startup Wellist from Episode 7 just closed a $10M Series A funding round, led by Summation Health, Cedars-Sinai Health System, and .406 Ventures. - Night Shift Brewing from Episode 31 just announced Night Shift Lovejoy, a brand spanking new brewpub on the first floor of Converse's HQ near Boston's TD Garden. Anna Jobe, called out in the podcast by Co-Founder Michael Oxton as an unsung hero, will manage the new location. - An SEC filing from May 10 shows cybersecurity startup CYBRIC from episode 32 receiving almost $500,000 in follow-on funding. - Vesper, the startup building miniature microphone technology from Episode 15, just picked up $23M in Series B funding, led by American Family Ventures, to help them scale the mass production of their microphones and support R&D and sales. Congratulations to all on these incredible milestones and achievements!
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