Episode 20: Rusty Shackleford, pt. 2 (2017/03/02) - This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper

Back by popular demand, Rusty Shackleford stops by this week for a three hour marathon extravaganza. There's a book with breasts and discussion about Vanessa Del Rio's huge clitoris. David's mother calls in and after a stunning misunderstanding of how technology works, gives David a hard time for not calling her back and lays on the Jewish guilt. Satan phones and she gets sexual with Rusty. That went well, I think. Omar calls in to discuss TV and movies. David's brother compliments Rusty and talks about the complexity of having a kid when gay. Rusty opens up about his childhood while being a nerd in Kentucky and his father the bank robber. When Rusty brings threesomes up, David says he hasn't had one and he's a victim of circumstance; yet we find out the only person David can blame for not having a threesome is himself. David's girlfriend calls in to offer various negative opinions about him. Vic gives the episode a little structure by asking questions, and listens to David rant about his friend Doug. There's a secret contest hidden in the episode for an attentive listener. We find out the Suzuki SV650S is titled and ready to be sold.
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