The cavnessHR Podcast - A talk with Peter Pease - The cavnessHR podcast

Peter Pease is a UK entrepreneur who has created multiple businesses since graduating in psychology in 1987. He took one business from start up to IPO and sold his last one in 2011… It’s still going strong… they were all in the people bit of B2B services, things like L&D, HR, Recruitment, Vocational Education. He’s been responsible for the development of more than forty thousand learners and his businesses have worked with more than a hundred thousand job seekers. He now works as a part time professor at Newcastle Business School – in the North East of England – his first experience of working for someone else since school. He is currently undertaking research as part of a PhD looking at the psychological journey of business founders. He’s developing a psychometric tool based on a global sample of business founders and is looking for people to take the trial version of the test. If you take the test you will get a free report showing how your Psychological Capital compares with other founders around the world and a workbook on how to develop it. You can find out more at or go direct to to complete the survey.  
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