012: Email Marketing for Artists - The Inspiration Place

Email marketing has really made a difference in my own art business. Although there are a lot of experts out there giving advice about email, how do you build a list when you’re a visual artist? When a lot of your interaction with customers is in person, how do you encourage them to sign up for your email list?   In this podcast, you will discover... * 5 ways to get people to join your emailing list * What you should be emailing to your list * What software to use to help you do all this. To get your freebie go to https://www.schulmanart.com/12 to get links to everything I use for printing and photographing   * (02:10) A typical situation where someone is viewing your art in person and asks for your business card * (03:16) How Miriam gets people she meets in person on her mailing list * (04:34) Miriam describes her sign-up postcards * (06:52) Do mailing lists actually lead to sales? * (07:25) How MailChimp works * (09:37) Keeping track of your former customers * (11:25) How to choose which email marketing program to use * (11:52) The problems with using a spreadsheet to keep track of your mailing list * (13:08) Strategies to get people to join your list * (15:07) Things that don’t work * (15:49) More ideas for getting people on your list * (18:46) Why you should build an email list and stay in touch with your customers * (21:17) Why you shouldn’t be afraid of emailing people * (22:04) How often you should be emailing your list * (22:56) What you should be sending to your list    Other links mentioned: Artwork archive: https://www.schulmanart.com/archive MailChimp: https://mailchimp.com/
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