Racism!?! I’m Good Luv, Enjoy. - We Leave You This

Tammy & Mike have worked hard to get where they are. As long as the where doesn’t come with blatant racism. They discuss Mike’s Father’s Day, their efforts to be more social, and how they made sure to pack "these hands" when moving to the suburbs. Ready to be opened in case of emergency. T-shirts available now! weleaveyouthis.com/merch Let us know what you think while you're listening by tweeting us @WeLeaveYouThis or use our hashtag #wlytpod Have any feedback or something you want us to discuss? Email us at weleaveyouthis@gmail.com Find us on Twitter & Instagram: @WeLeaveYouThis We're on Facebook: www.facebook.com/WeLeaveYouThis 2018 has been something special for the podcast already. Be there first to know what’s coming up here: www.weleaveyouthis.com/connect
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