1: Overview of Data with Gary Seitz - The Plus Podcast

Getting data isn’t the problem. Making sure it’s accurate and segmented to reach the right person and in the right channel -- that’s a challenge. Tying engagement and sales rates back for source attribution and clear ROI, that’s a real challenge! Most businesses are great at generating data, few are even good at managing it well. Listen to Gary Seitz, VP of Data and Analysis for CTRACdirect, a division of Midwest Direct, explain how his team helps B2B and Non-profit marketing teams, CRM managers and data analysts prep data for mail, email and online advertising campaigns. ... Resources: https://mw-direct.com/ctracdirect/ https://mw-direct.com/direct-mail-audit-refund/ https://mw-direct.com/find-your-true-customers-with-data/ https://mw-direct.com/support-services-boosts-efficiency-wigs-kids/ https://mw-direct.com/scared-data/ https://mw-direct.com/are-you-hiding-returned-mail/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-a-seitz-4764487/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-toivonen-2a444a4/
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