De La Fit Podcast season 3 ep. 28 - De La Fit Podcast

Holistic Health & Wellness Coach/JumpFit Cardio Instructor, Toye Penny knows what it's like to be a busy career mom and struggle with living a healthy lifestyle. a former single mother Toye admits she at one time made daily trips to the drive-through because she was super busy, short on time and thought healthy eating took way too long. "I didn’t even know where to start." knowing she needed to change her health habits for the better Toye began studying nutrition And soon realized that her eating was directly tied to other health areas of her life. "Once I shifted my eating habits, my physical, emotional, and spiritual health improved as well".In order to sustain your busy, mom life plus juggle the many other hats you wear, you must be healthy, whole and complete within yourself. That's where Toye comes in.  This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Voice Messages and Anchor
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