TIA Off-Season: The Outrageous(ly bad) Wrestler Name Game 2 - This Is Awesome? / Watching the Elite

On this brand new off-season offering: your boys vamp about their favorite and not-so-favorite wrestler nicknames. Past, present and future, it's fun and unfocused! Then, Chuck has put together another set of lists... On one ledger: a list of silly wrestler names who have appeared on the PWI top 500. On the other ledger: a bunch of names Chuck has made up. Can Frank, Joaquin and Tom figure out which is which? Keep those match suggestions coming by visiting our landing page thisisawesomepod.com or hitting us up @TIAPOD on twitter. And don't forget to rate and review us on whatever thing Apple has going on right now, in addition to all of the other podcatcher apps that we appear on.
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