#28 - Vegan Mayo Pioneer Bob Goldberg on How to Follow Your Heart and Not Sell Out - Eat For The Planet with Nil Zacharias

Bob Goldberg is the CEO and co-founder of Follow Your Heart. Bob and his 3 co-founders opened a vegetarian market and restaurant in Canoga Park, California nearly 47 years ago. Since then, the company has transformed into a thriving consumer packaged goods business that is known for its vegan mayonnaise and egg-less egg product that scrambles like the real thing. With the growing popularity of the plant-based food industry, Follow Your Heart has received many buy-out offers and been approached by venture capitalists, but Bob has stood by his decision to stay independent and grow on their own terms. Whether you are an entrepreneur yourself or passionate about the past, present and future of vegan food, Bob’s take on building a business with a mission to make people and the planet healthier is sure to leave you inspired and energized. Pre-order the Eat For The Planet book at https://eftp.co/   Show notes for this episode: http://onegreenplanet.org/episode-twenty-eight-bob-goldberg   Follow Nil Zacharias on Twitter   Newsletter signup: http://eepurl.com/cTT7Tv   Like #EatForThePlanet on Facebook   Contact us at eftp@onegreenplanet.org
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