Studying Abroad with Danielle Grace from Young, Gifted and Abroad - The Thought Card

Danielle Grace is the host of the Young,Gifted and Abroad Podcast. Young, Gifted and Abroad shares perspectives on studying abroad from past and present students of color. Each episode features a person of color who studied abroad as either a high school student, an undergraduate or graduate student.   In this episode we cover: * What is studying abroad? * The benefits of studying abroad * Challenges students face when studying abroad * How parents can encourage their kids to study abroad * Ways to fund study abroad programs * Types of expenses you might have when studying abroad   Connect with Danielle Grace: Podcast: Facebook: @younggiftedandabroad Instagram: @younggiftedandabroad   Connect with Me:  Podcast Website: Facebook: @thethoughtcard Instagram: @thethoughtcard Twitter: @thethoughtcard    For all of the resources mentioned in this episode visit our website: 
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