Maine's Statewide RCV Election at the Local Level - RCV Clips

Kathy Montejo, City Clerk of Lewiston, Maine, sits down with Karen Brinson Bell to discuss the ins and outs of how local election administrators prepared for Maine's statewide RCV election in June. Resources mentioned in this episode include: Lewiston's Video on How to Mark a Ballot Using RCV: Lewiston How RCV Works Flyer: Secretary of State Dunlap One-Hour Presentation at Lewiston Library: Other outreach efforts: May 8 – School Budget Election – I was at the polls all day and spoke with hundreds of voters, we had posters, flyers, sample ballots, etc. – see attached for flyers May 15 – presentation during City Council meeting showing how a ballot is marked under RCV – televised live on cable and youtube, rebroadcasts on cable Presentation at Lewiston Senior Citizen’s Center meeting – June 4, 1pm Local community access/cable TV station – running the SOS 5 minute RCV video as well as the one hour SOS presentation done at the Lewiston Library Informational kiosk in both City Hall and Public Library - Episode Transcript:
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